Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank You!

Sobobo Gallery : Where unique meets sublime. . . .

Colors shined brightly for 5 years and could not have been without the intuitive creative beauty of the 70 Plus artists who walked through our doors.

Thank you for entrusting us with your life's works, for allowing us to display each piece for our visitors who were simply in awe. . . You are the best!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sobobo Closes Its Doors. . . .

DECEMBER 30, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Patricia Brundage - Captures that Moment in Time

"The love of nature draws me outdoors.  The thrill of seeing a bird in flight, the beauty of a flower or a deer feeding in my backyard has drawn me to photography as a means of capturing that event or moment in time.  The challenge is to present the subject to its best advantage by carefully selecting the best background and composition available without disturbing the surrounding environment.  A review of my portfolio has shown that my favorite subject is floral, but the challenge of capturing a bird in flight comes in as a close second.  I also enjoy the post processing of the image and showcasing it through the use of PS, NIK or Topaz filters and then choosing the correct paper to print it.  In summary, I enjoy capturing a wide variety of subjects, the company of good friends during the search and the pride in the result.  Being able to share my passion keeps me in the constant pursuit of a new and more unique images."

-- Patricia Brundage

Patricia's photographic techniques brings the subject to another level. By capturing that moment in time, the image is alive. Life becomes still and that one moment is held in one place forever. The clarity, the preciseness, the crispness eludes to the perfection of Mother Nature. The life of each flower, each scene is held in the palm of Patricia's hand, literally.

The camera, an inanimate object, becomes Patricia's canvas with pallet and brush or her paper and pencil as she creates her works. The control of this object is an art in of itself combined with Patricia's eye for seeing and envisioning in a split second of time the masterpiece that was placed right in front of her. As if she has a connection and is one with Mother Nature and her creations allowing each masterpiece to be captured in that moment of time being forever held in safe keeping.

Capturing the brilliance of colors,

the velvety softness of flowers' petals,

the defining of each tree and their leaves,

the mist that hangs like a sheer curtain over a window is a technique, an art that all photographers try to master. Patricia has that uncanny ability to accomplish it and it is shown in each of her works. No one piece is better than the other.

When seeing her work a gasp will come over you. Questions will begin to rise to the surface. . . .and you can get the answers to those questions by joining us for Patricia's Exhibit Reception on Thursday, November 21st beginning at 6:30 pm when you will meet Patricia. Ask her those questions. . . .she will answer them.

Do join us! It is the night of Walnut Beach Art Stroll.

Also, a Food Drive to benefit St. Gabriel's Food Pantry will be taking place as well and we ask that you please make a food donation - - Donations may be dropped off at participating Art Stroll businesses. It will be good to see you - Thank you for joining us!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thursday, November 21st - Walnut Beach Art Stroll : A prelude to the Holiday Season

The Holidays are fasting approaching! And what better way than to enjoy a prelude to the Holidays as they do sneak upon us. . . . Looking for a house warming gift, a gift to give to the host/hostess of an upcoming holiday party, Thanksgiving dinner? Even gifts for your friends, family and co-workers can be found on The Avenue and Broadway in Walnut Beach, Milford, CT!  

Come join us in celebration of the Seasons of Giving and the Seasons of Thanks and walk The Avenue and Broadway – The Walnut Beach Art Stroll on Thursday, November 21st

Starts at 6:00 pm at Firehouse Gallery, 81 Naugatuck Avenue with an opening reception of its final exhibit “Non-Themed” (anything goes) for the 2013 Season. You will see artworks submitted by local artists that will be judged by one of our own local artists, Rick Senft. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place being announced at 6:45 pm. 

Meander on down the Avenue to Sobobo, 42 Naugatuck Avenue and meet November’s Artist, Patricia Brundage, photographer who captures that moment in time. You will also find artwork by local artists, Judy Ruskin, Ed Steinerts, Sheila Pite, Harold Davis, Mariana Furtney, Allan Dudek and more as well as jewelers Carlyne Labrecque, Sam Rawls, William Ahern, Claudio Altesor, Sally Ann Endelman, Laise and Anilese.  All artwork is available for purchase.  

Walnut Beach Creamery will be having samples of their gourmet ice cream for you to decide which one would be best for your Holiday Party, and dinners! Pick up an order form to place your order of your favorite flavor!

Stop at Seaside Wine and Spirits, 38 Naugatuck Avenue, taste the “spirits” of the Holidays. You can order your favorite too!

Continue on to Beach Gallery, 2 Broadway, where you will find a young newcomer, photographer, Christopher Haley whose surreal works reminds you of Dali. Enjoy listening to Christopher’s sounds as he plays acoustic guitar. Should you find that one interesting image of his to purchase you will receive a cd of accompanied music! Visit, listen and enjoy! 

Scoot and Paddle, 28 Naugatuck Avenue, will be open where you can make an off-season reservation to kayak, ride a bike and more. Gift certificates are on sale for that active person you may know!

Head down Broadway to Wild Expressions, 16 Broadway, to find Jennifer Harkey owner Creativimpulse. She melts glass from recycled wine, gin and vodka bottles shaping and transforming the melted glass into jewelry and decorative art pieces - Truly Amazing! A must see!  And there is more - you will hear Tom Ferrara – The Captain Rocks! play his tunes as you warm your belly on this cold night sampling the Chili Contest entries! If you decide to enter, your famous recipe should be brought in a crock-pot with a cord of course.  For more information on how to enter your chili recipe contact Wild Expressions 203-882-WILD. 

Taste & See what gourmet cupcakes to take home with you….Stop in at Taste & See, 17 Broadway, to discuss over coffee which cakes to include in your Holiday order!

Remember, as we look towards this festive time there are many who are in need.  A food drive will also be part of this month’s art stroll and it is asked that donations be made. Donations can be dropped off at businesses partaking in the Art Stroll. 

It will be a pleasure to see you!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Join Us - Thursday, October 17th

"Abased" - sculpture - by Ivan Tirado

Listen to Soul's song on Thursday, October 17th. Hear "Wind", "Abased", "Born Again" and others harmonize together creating an evening of rhapsody resonating within you!

Meet Master Sculptor Ivan Tirado and Author Bradly Williams at Sobobo on Thursday, October 17th beginning at 6:30 pm! Join us!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ivan Tirado Listens to Soul's Song

"I am inspired by the fluidity, dynamism, and power of the human body. I experiment with techniques and media that allow me to portray the figure in its balance between vivacity, emotion, strength, and sensibility. I aim to provide each piece with its own soul, a life, and a story to tell on its own."

--Ivan Tirado

Ivan Tirado always reaching, always grasping hold onto what makes Soul sing. His ability to capture the energy, the sensuous song of Soul connecting it to still life is the epitome of human creation. Entombing Soul in each sculpture raises each to immortality, hitting an harmonic chord with our own individual Soul's song. Both songs intertwining, creating Life in each.

The different depths of clay creates the three dimensional sculpture, however, isn't each truly four dimensional as Soul's song begins to flow melodiously from within? Ivan's stroke of each tool and his hands forms the sculptures creating the beauty and bringing to life inanimate objects. We might think each rub, each scraping is deliberate and controlled; but the true question by whom or what?
Ivan brings to life what we cannot see: 

The Soul of Wind and its force;

"Wind" - relief - by Ivan Tirado

The Soul of Aqua and its flow;

"Aqua" - relief - by Ivan Tirado

The Soul of Mermaid a mystical/mythical created into tangible forms;

"Mermaid" - sculpture - by Ivan Tirado

always reaching and grasping onto what makes Soul sing so their life's story can be told. A connection Ivan listens to instead of pushing it aside. By hearing Soul's song begin to emerge as the clay takes form he moves with song, he follows its flow until form is created. Soul sings louder, Ivan meticulously sculpts, molds the clay to take it to its fullest creation until Life is infused and Soul is free.

Ivan Tirado's works will be on exhibit at Sobobo Gallery during the month of October. Come join us and learn more of Ivan's creations on Thursday, October 17 th for an exhibit reception beginning at 6:30 pm.

Sobobo is located at 42 Naugatuck Avenue, Walnut Beach in Milford, CT. Gallery hours are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Noon to 6:00 pm (year round). If you wish to make an appointment to see his work on Mondays, Tuesday, or Wednesdays, please call for an appointment.