Friday, January 25, 2013

Illuminaire Michael Voytek : Folklore in Images

“At the age of 19 the art world was changing. Abstract, modernism and contemporary art was the trend. I doing an experiment submitted two paintings with very different styles and techniques into an art exhibit - one signed with my name and the other I signed my uncle's name. The piece accepted was created on a whim and an abstract, non-thinking, no substance and was the one I signed my uncle's name to. It show cased for the exhibit! At that moment I stopped painting being very discouraged to the point of almost disgust because to me art was to relay what was seen. Being abstract is not what I am.
I am a traditionalist, somewhat a realist as my paintings portend an Americana feel, a craftsman style when it comes to painting. I began painting again in retirement. The relaxation and enjoyment of putting my thoughts and visions on canvas are most rewarding and having someone appreciate my efforts even more so.”

--Michael Voytek

Mr. Voytek is more than just a craftsman style artist. He truly is an illuminaire who presents Americana art telling folklore in images. His work having that threaded connection back to early Appalachia when folklore in America was beginning. He brings us back through two centuries to a time when America was at its height of being grandiose.

His colors vibrant, his style similar to that of the limner artist, although he doesn't make is own paint. When looking at Mr. Voytek's work you can feel the passion and emotion of the time back then being presented in our time. Almost the past being lived in the present leading to our future. A time warp being illuminated proving all three are living at the same time, simultaneously.

When you are drawn into each painting you find yourself listening to a story being told, a story that is created by the painting. You are taken back to a time being lived in the present, almost as if you are visiting an historical site of yesteryear that is thriving in the 21st century! You are enamored by the flavor of the time.

Looking at "Low Tide" you feel the warmth of the sun on you as walk onto the beach between the homes,

"Low Tide" - oils -  by Michael Voytek

"Broadway" is an abstract of sorts for those of us who know the area that the Firehouse is on Naugatuck and the homes on Broadway are quite a few hundred yards away but you find yourself "right there".

"Broadway" - oils - by Michael Voytek

Each of these paintings have an aura illuminating the places and times. You can feel the energy eminate from each which leads you to where Mr. Voytek "wants" you to be. The folklore emits, the images telling the story that you can hear when looking.

Imagine yourself on the prairie in the middle of a field. The skies get darker, and darker as the sun disappears. You can hear a roar approaching, the winds pick up and you find yourself screaming "A Storm is Coming"! You can feel the wind, you can feel the rumble beneath your feet you want to take cover. . .

"A Storm is A Com'n" - oils - by Michael Voytek

. . .Mr. Voytek has illuminated those feelings, he brings those emotions onto canvas. . an illuminaire of American art telling folklore with images. A MUST SEE! Mr. Voytek will be exhibiting his work during the month of February. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, February 7th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Make sure to continue on strolling down The Avenue taking in the Walnut Beach Art Stroll. Firehouse Gallery's new exhibit "Red" will be having an opening reception starting at 6:00 pm, try pizza at Alfa's, get hot chocolate or coffee at New Town Market, pick up possible a nice bottle of wine or champagne at Seaside Wines and Spirits to celebrate Valentine's Day with your parnter and then around the corner to Wild Expressions and meet up with Laura Webb, singer and guitar player who will be bringing illumination through music! Go across to Taste & See and enjoy their specialty of the day! A great way to relax after the holiday rush, and look forward to Valentine's Day and Spring arriving soon!

Can't wait to see you!!

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